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Chef Nimbley

Nimbley's  Catering

On our page you will find the best opportunity to offer the best of haute cuisine within your budget at your events, we strive to provide you with an excellent service of the highest quality, and all your guests will be able to enjoy a varied menu that we have designed specially for you.

Our experience can offer you from an international menu to a traditional homemade meal with all the love of a grandmother, come and enjoy the experience of being one of our satisfied customers. Nimbley's Catering, will be at your disposal in all your events and commitments, we will be your best option.

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My Story

Chef Nimbley, has been mentioned in the New York time magazine as a professional haute cuisine enthusiast, in 2022 at Nimbley's Bakery with the baked and fried products that delight the Hispanic community in the USA, his vast experience in gastronomy and food sciences. the kitchen certified by Harvard Academy, where he studied, and Masterchef Spain, make him our executive chef, committed to making each dish a work of art in our palates.


Chef Nimbley is also mentioned by the Panamanian press and his Magazine, characterized by his humanitarian sense, and inspires the Latino community to fight for their dreams.


¨Cooking, the art that unites all languages¨ is the motto that allows us to reach all communities and the center of their hearts.

Chef Resume

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Iron Chef Marc Forgione


Vandal - Tao group

Iron Chef Cris Santos


Hotel Chatuel

Iron Chef Geoffrey Zakarian


Hotel Aman

Chef Dario Ossola


Friends of Farmer

Main Chef Ronaldo Nimbley


El Carnaval

Main Chef Ronaldo Nimbley


New Leaf (fusion American - Italian)

Line Cook

Neray Restaurant (Geek)

Line Cook

Churchill Tavern (Irish)

Line Cook

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